Day 55: February 24, 2017

A bit more revision of the same opening chapters. More than anything I enjoyed reading these scenes over again. 

The funeral is in 3 days. 


Day 51: February 20, 2017

My step father barely woke today. He’s starting to slip away from us. 

I needed a distraction. I had reached out to a couple of people from Twitter to review/beta/CP Kingdom. Though one turned down an offer to CP, she offered some helpful feedback about the opening of the book. I’m going to use that to drastically change the opening. Nothing technically difficult to do, but vastly modifies tone, for the better. 

The issue was the level of violence. Her comments also hit on the issue of sexual violence used as a motivator for male vengeance. It is, in fact overused, especially by male writers. In this case, it is unnecessary and I’m going to make modifications.