Day 5: January 6, 2017

For real work I did telework. That might sound more conducive to writing, but it is not; my life is chaos. Work provides tranquil solitude and a large desk. At home, this week anyway, all five of my children are here. There is ample opportunity for mayhem.

My wife, I, the baby, and my fifteen year old went to the mall. An argument ensued and I separated from the shopping contingent. I found an empty leather couch in the lounging, lazy area of the mall and made myself at home. Again I found Google Keep highly usable to get some writing done.

I had a fairly good notion of what the scene would be today. Then it blossomed into tangential bits about chaos and restlessness. 1,200 words flew out from my Samsung, thumb-driven keyboard. It will need some tidying later, but it ended up better than I could have hoped.

So, I finished chapter 37. Next I’ll have to address tying together the multitude of story and theme threads I have going in only about another 25,000 words. Onward!

Words written today: 1,200 1,015
Total for this manuscript: 87,203 87,018
Total for 2017: 6,395 6,210