Day 143: May 22, 2017

I had my long awaited Skype call with Sione Aeschliman today. Two things first off: one, Sione is one of the kindest people you could ever work with; two, Sione is one of the most thoughtful people you could ever work with. Now, what I had originally thought was a critique that was not helpful from her, … Continue reading Day 143: May 22, 2017


Day 135: May 14, 2017

Got my response/critique back from Sione Aeschliman late tonight. I have got to ponder on it some. The biggest part of the critique is very helpful and has to do with Aubrey's motives and stakes. It is honestly something I've been tweaking over time anyway and have some ideas on how to improve. The other … Continue reading Day 135: May 14, 2017

Day 127: May 6, 2017

Saturday. More shenanigans editing the package to send to Sione before she does her pro edit/critique/review. I should mention that her contracted service is to provide me with a high-level response, 2-3 written pages focusing on existing strengths and 2-4 greatest opportunities for further strengthening the pages. The agreement does not include "feedback on clarity, flow, transitions, … Continue reading Day 127: May 6, 2017