Day 66: March 7, 2017

Got three another three chapters of revision. Made some more substantial changes than I have been lately, but still nothing I would classify as problematic. The plot is progressing as pretty much I had hoped and the scenes are also working as about I had hoped.

I am finding little things, as usual, that ended up going nowhere. Mostly minor character motivations or plot points that I either never followed up or don’t make sense now. There’s some tidying up too, things that now prove to be tangential rather than colorful. I will likely finish with Part 2 tomorrow or about a quarter of the book.

I am finding that my word count for Daron is higher than I thought. Aubrey, in my mind, is the stronger MC. She dominates the emotional core of the book. Yet so far Daron’s story dominates the word count. I am going to have to make that a focus as I continue. I did a quick eyeballing of that in the upcoming sections and it continues about the same. I will have to slowly start to get that more in whack.

Words written today: 247
Total for 2017: 33,133

Revision today: 3 chapters
Revision total: 18 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 110,771 (+2,608)


Day 59: February 28, 2017

I got in two chapters of revision today. It was good work, with some minor scene changes and what I think is needed additions. Much of the time I am reading now causes excitement. There has been enough distance between the initial writing and now that I can read the story fresh; I am connecting with it, which is good.

Somehow I’ve managed to grow the word count by almost 2,000 words. I didn’t think I had been doing that much revision the past few weeks, but apparently something like that is easy to lose track of. If this keeps happening, I’ll have to do a somewhat major cut at word count to keep it under 110,000, a number I believe is a hard cap if I want to generate any interest at all when querying.

So, all things are full steam ahead now. It has been many months since I’ve seen the upcoming chapters. Here’s hoping the good times keep rolling.

Words written today: 250
Total for 2017: 32,390

Revision today: 2 chapters
Revision total: 10 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 110,028 (+1,865)