Day 126: May 5, 2017

Friday. No writing today. However, on Monday I do send off a package for the pro edit. I asked and she is fine with mentioning by name. It is the very nice, and outstanding,¬†Sione Aeschliman. I purchased a package from her after #revpit¬†she offered an overview critique of KINGDOM's first 50 pages, 5 pages from … Continue reading Day 126: May 5, 2017


Day 111: April 20, 2017

I messed around with the two opening chapters (again), rearranged the chapters and Parts (again), rewrote my query letter (again), and signed a contract for some pro edit work. I won't mention the editor's name just yet, I want to make sure and get her permission. I'm sure she'd be fine with it, but who … Continue reading Day 111: April 20, 2017