Day 185: July 4, 2017

The 4th of July!

The actual day of the holiday we did nothing. Well, except rest. I grilled too, but I basically do almost every day. Tended the garden a bit too. Our squash plant is as big as a tree. There’s something unnatural about the damn thing. I’ll, take a picture one of these days.


Day 106: April 15, 2017

Tax day!

I walked with my family and extended family across the Brooklyn Bridge today. It wasn’t as terrible as that sounds either. Granted, there will a million other people with the same idea, but it was a nice day. Good pictures and all. Got to see the new PATH station at the new One World Trade Center. It was very new and cool, and sci-fi cool looking. But traveling with strollers and kids after a day of walking was not so cool.

I’m old and tired from such things.

Writing = nope.