Day 31: January 31, 2017

My penultimate scene strangely mirrors my writing. The main characters have come to the end of a long journey and find themselves in darkness. Something waits ahead, something unknown and maybe dreadful. Maybe wonderful. Maybe, as is often the case, both. I know it sounds overly symbolic. It's entirely possible my subconscious mind is taking too … Continue reading Day 31: January 31, 2017


Day 23: January 23, 2017

Almost done! I have a few more days of writing, I think, to finish the first draft of KINGDOM. I am struggling a little with how to tie up everything fully. Writing novels is sometimes an effort to untangle balled-up string, only to tie neatly again after. Stephen King in his book on writing likened … Continue reading Day 23: January 23, 2017