Day 87: March 27, 2017

It isn't all worthless bunk! Good progress today. Finished two more chapters, closing out Part 4, which has been tough work. It's not that there isn't good story here┬ábecause I found the through line(s) engaging. The writing was atrocious at times, though. Character development was all over the place, especially for Aubrey. I think my … Continue reading Day 87: March 27, 2017


Day 83: March 23, 2017

So two chapters today it is then. I had forgotten how brutal this part of the story became. I mean, I remember what happened, but the writing -- just damn. I veer into horror fairly easily. Some of my anime roots seeping through. Today's first chapter was a Daron chapter, and he took a vicious … Continue reading Day 83: March 23, 2017