Day 81: March 21, 2017

The thing about revision is it a crazy process of iterations of iterations. I have been making good progress in revising KINGDOM. I’m up to chapter 36. (Reminder, the final manuscript will collapse the chapters by half, based on the POV cadence I will create when I compile everything. I know it’s unnecessary technical details, but whatever.)

This chapter is killing me, though. It needed serious work. I must have written over several different days because it is all over the place. I get a sense of a through-line, but on the most basic of one; and it has a cold open from where the previous chapter left off. I can deal with that, it’s actually kind of cool. But it needed some kind of grounding for why, as there is a significant emotional scene left off there. So, obviously, some significant emotional reason needs to be present here.

Anyway, as I struggled through to rewrite, first a third of it, then half, taking a break each time to think, wonder why Aubrey would do this or that, I would come back and reread the whole chapter again. Then as I did, what I had just written would need revision, and so on and so on.

Long story short, while I have been getting through at least two and sometimes seven chapters during this revision phase, I didn’t finish this chapter. It will have to continue tomorrow. I will likely obsess about it all night, thinking about Aubrey and how all this affects her, what she is going through.

Any writers reading this, it is all old news. Still, we all do this, right? Treat these characters as real people? Wonder at their emotions? Become curious if we are like gods, yanking at the strings of their lives. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Chapters like this, though, they kill me, but in a good way. It is these kinds of days, if I’m being honest, that I truly love writing.

Words written today: 100
Total for 2017: 43,170

Revision today: 0 chapters
Revision total: 35 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 113,706 (+5,699)


Day 33: February 2, 2017

Half a chapter left. I’m kind of sad and may take the weekend off. I almost need time to grieve. These characters have occupied my thoughts for months. My last few novels had many despicable people that populated them. Curiosity better describes my feeling about them; sometimes hate. Interesting, for sure, in what they went through, but not like this.

The process of writing, to me, is growth. Each word is an act of discovery. Words beget sentences. Sentences beget paragraphs. Paragraphs beget stories. Stories beget characters. I expect each new of these to be better than before.

Enjoy the journey, that’s what I mean to say. The act of discovery is mesmerizing. It’s a drug, and I am addicted.

I wrote about 1,600 words today. It might be that many or more and I’ll be done. But I do need time to process, so will ponder things for a few days. I might have a celebratory drink this weekend. More than one, as celebration turns into melancholy.

Words written today: 1,579
Total for this manuscript: 106,800
Total for 2017: 27,871