Day 130: May 9, 2017

Argh. I spoke too soon. Not only did I revisit yesterday’s chapter, but I realized there were problems with the chapter before it too, mainly because I saw that somehow I got the chapters out of order. So the next two chapters should have preceded these two and now the edits I’ve done make no fucking sense.

Pardon me if I fucking rant now for having my wasted a ton of time. I can salvage work by copying and pasting passages, some exposition type work, but the emotion-baring shit I did has to be redone. Fine. So, I fixed the ordering issue, did a good amount of work on yesterday’s chapter, which (silver lining) now makes a lot more sense. Now I understand why I was struggling so much. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the dialogue I had written was so strange.

Why, you may ask, wasn’t it apparent that my chapters were out of order? Just because, that’s why. It’s a fantasy novel and strange shit happens. The obvious isn’t always obvious. Also, the twins’ reunion is a strange one, and not everything is as it seems. Still, I’m kicking myself.

I’m unsure how to even count chapters right now, but I’ll keep going as I have, even though really I’m two chapters behind what it seems. Fuck it.

Words written today: 412
Total for 2017: 50,389

Revision today: 1 chapters
Revision total: 66 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 121,622(+12,770 since first draft)


Day 109: April 18, 2017

Fucking horse shit! This isn’t a revision, it’s bulk delete and then writing something else. I suppose seeing something completely shitty at least advises what NOT to write. I mean, I knew the climax of all this was going to be difficult, sort of intertwining Daron and Aubrey’s stories again, and it’s meant to be kitschy in a subversive way, but what a fucking mess. It is also the end of Act 2, so carries that weight too.

I realize that another revision will be required, which is fine. The finer details of craft will get applied then, making sure all the beats, scenes, blah blah, etc, are strong, getting these basic elements done are killing me. Some neanderthal pounded his fists at the keyboard for major sections of this first draft, because a fucking dog could have scratched his ass with a rickety Dell throwaway and done better. This is an actual line of dialogue:

“Carlona, no, I have not ever done that. Are you serious? I have been sick!”

Because, you know, it costs $100 for every contraction you use. Want to know what I did with that line of dialogue, that entire bit of scene in fact? Deleted it. Whatever beat I intended is gone forever. It’s replaced with something else entirely, dealing with someone getting slapped in the face sans explanation.

I got through two chapters and with that finished Part 3, and Act 2. Now comes the really hard work. More frustration. This is the point I tend to get really distracted. I’ve already gone back and “touched up” the first two chapters at least five or six times. I’ve been fucking around on Twitter more than I care, though have cut back some on those shenanigans. I’m just too surly to get into that much. There are a couple of the hashtag crappies I do because they’re kind of fun and some people I like chit chatting with, but by and large I don’t have time for it. I probably should more. Fuck it.

Words written today: 394
Total for 2017: 47,356

Revision today: 2 chapter
Revision total: 53 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 118,589 (+9,949)