January 8, 2018: New Year, New Plans, New Things

I’m working on a new book I pitch as an adult horror à la Lovecraft by way of VanderMeer, with some King thrown in. And Leguin.

The Shing Left Hand of Area X…and Cthulhu.

I may actually call it that. Right. I won’t call it that.

In order to keep me motivated and drafting, I signed up for the 85k Writing Challenge: write 85,000 words in 90 days. It’s an offshoot NaNoWriMo, but whatever. It fits my timeframe. All things considered, I’ve been doing pretty good, too, averaging a little over 1,000 words a day,  already coming into with about 5,000 at the end of 2017.

Yes, I’m still querying the last book, as well, now called (for good, I think), LIES OF THE GODLESS. My optimism level of getting an agent is about, oh, 10%. The only reason it’s not at a hopeless 0% is that it did get into Pitch Wars and did come out of Pitch Wars a better, more interesting book. And, dammit, it’s good. Not trendy good, not YA good, but in its own right, upmarket-y interesting. Ready Player One it is now, however.

I am currently reading, or audiobook listening to RPO. It’s enjoyable, if not the most literary work I’ve come across. Cline uses the word “then” a lot, as in “And then” this happened. Still, it’s a page-turner or, in my case, an “I can’t wait to get back in my car for my commute” audiobook.

What does that mean for my next book? Not sure. Maybe I’d write more mainstream if I knew what that meant. That’s the King part of the equation. I always focus on storytelling. “Just keep writing”, that’s what I tell myself. So, I will.


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