Day 186 – 203: July 5 – 22, 2017

I had almost given up on writing KINGDOM. If one single reason jumped out, I would give it. Why do writers have existential pangs of doubt and crises of effort? Because writing is shitty. Mostly, except for a very few, no reward awaits. Not even can we expect a genial, “Wow, that’s great,” from folks, at least any that would satisfy our morbid egos. Why? Because those platitudes would likely come from well-meaning friends or moms, who always say such things. 

We want either from the masses or our esteemed knowledgeable colleagues, or both. Or, someone other than our day-to-day circle of people to read our work.
So I fucking bailed. Then, I didn’t. I have rushed back in to get ready for Pitch Wars, which haa turned into an all consuming Twitter contest for writers. In it, a writer enters his/her first chapter and query letter, then can get have his entire manuscript selected to be mentored for revision. Later there is an agent round and all that. 

So I am rushing to do a major revision to KINGDOM. I decided to change tense from present to past and add a layer of narration to it, plus change the ending slightly. It’s made me crazy. Odds are crazy to get in. My favorite mentor, who I won’t name, last night came to the conclusion my manuscript was probably to high concept fantasy to submit to her. 

I will plod onward. 


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