Day 178: June 26, 2017

Yikes! Writing is not like riding a bike. Getting back on again is hard. My mind feels sloshy. I got some beta reader comments back on a few chapters and–shock–I couldn’t process the criticism. Combine that with having to do this revision work, and it’s like I’ve never written anything before.

I hate writing. This whole book sucks. It turns out I’ve been punctuating questions in dialogue wrong my whole life. At what point did I learn that wrong? And how did I learn that wrong? It’s amazing I’m good at anything.

Fine, whatever. I “revised”, if I can continue to use that word, considering how likely shitty this is all turning out.

  • Daron Chased and Sage’s Daughter.

I get the feeling the word count is going to drop dramatically because when I get pissy about writing I purge.

Word count yesterday: 124,044
Word count today: 123,846


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