Day 151: May 30, 2017

I start again. In this revision, I’ll merge the former chapters in pairs (dual POVs, one each for Daron and Aubrey in each chapter) to form new chapters, so 41 new chapters in total. I’ll also realign the book into four parts, starting now in Part One: The Boy and the Girl.

Today I got through two chapters:

  • Daron and Aubrey
  • The Witch and the Caravan

These have some critical revisions based on Sione‘s comments, as well as the extensive notes I made. In particular, Aubrey’s first chapter and Daron’s first extensive scene with one of the witches, which I’ve revised numerous times already, has been extensively revised again. Aubrey’s initial motivations are key to underpin her arc. Sione stressed this, and she was right.

There is a revised theme I’m developing about free will that, while always there, I think needs a stronger role. I’m still pondering what role it plays, but I’m modifying some elements in Part One, which is essentially Act One, with intentions of building upon later.

I won’t be including the complicated word count any longer, only the overall story word count, mainly for my own benefit. It needs to come down and writing it every day might remind of that.

Word count yesterday: 123,407
Word count today: 124, 584 (WTF? So, what happened is I copy/pasted something from a previous draft that was pertinent. Each day I will include either a happy face or frowny face to grade my word count progress. Today, not so good.)




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