Day 131: May 10, 2017

More chapter work as I barrel to the conclusion. Nothing spectacular of note today, other than some I felt great at blasting through an action sequence with Daron. I’ve written so many fight scenes at this point I must start thinking of them as a specialty. The gore comes with ease and I keep coming up with new ways to describe a beating.

I should note that I deplore violence. I am detailed in describing so as to underscore how horrific it is. I understand that many before me have used that same rationalization for their sensationalization of brutality. I do deeply understand that.

We are entertained by fictional violence, yet understand they are illusions projected as animations in our heads, even if these illusions draw up real emotions. But real violence is the cancer of the human race. It is, in fact, because of our violent nature that art is so important to our lives. It can amplify it, make it absurd and even more grotesque, baroque, comic. Any person who has ever lost a loved one to violence can attest that fictional violence no longer is so conceptual. Art can still, though, show what it truly is.

So I write extremely violent material. At my core, I sometimes burn with a fury that I’ve learned to contain but did always as a young man. My writing is not meant to glorify violence. It is meant to isolate and drag it into the light, where with all its macabre frailties it can wail and claw, and we can watch it writhe, witness it, know how it looks, shun it.

Words written today: 291
Total for 2017: 50,681

Revision today: 1 chapters
Revision total: 67 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 121,913 (+13,061 since first draft)


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