Day 130: May 9, 2017

Argh. I spoke too soon. Not only did I revisit yesterday’s chapter, but I realized there were problems with the chapter before it too, mainly because I saw that somehow I got the chapters out of order. So the next two chapters should have preceded these two and now the edits I’ve done make no fucking sense.

Pardon me if I fucking rant now for having my wasted a ton of time. I can salvage work by copying and pasting passages, some exposition type work, but the emotion-baring shit I did has to be redone. Fine. So, I fixed the ordering issue, did a good amount of work on yesterday’s chapter, which (silver lining) now makes a lot more sense. Now I understand why I was struggling so much. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the dialogue I had written was so strange.

Why, you may ask, wasn’t it apparent that my chapters were out of order? Just because, that’s why. It’s a fantasy novel and strange shit happens. The obvious isn’t always obvious. Also, the twins’ reunion is a strange one, and not everything is as it seems. Still, I’m kicking myself.

I’m unsure how to even count chapters right now, but I’ll keep going as I have, even though really I’m two chapters behind what it seems. Fuck it.

Words written today: 412
Total for 2017: 50,389

Revision today: 1 chapters
Revision total: 66 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 121,622(+12,770 since first draft)


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