Day 127: May 6, 2017

Saturday. More shenanigans editing the package to send to Sione before she does her pro edit/critique/review. I should mention that her contracted service is to provide me with a high-level response, 2-3 written pages focusing on existing strengths and 2-4 greatest opportunities for further strengthening the pages. The agreement does not include “feedback on clarity, flow, transitions, signposting, or continuity, nor does it include correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, or grammar.” Just so that’s clear. We’ll also have a half hour conversation on Skype to discuss her thoughts on the pages from KINGDOM.

This all good for me. I won’t comment on the fee, but it’s fair and discounted as part of #revpit (which I did not participate in, but followed on Twitter). I will offer comments on Sione’s service after I see her comments and we talk. So far I’m impressed with her professionalism. She is also exceedingly kind.


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