Day 126: May 5, 2017

Friday. No writing today. However, on Monday I do send off a package for the pro edit. I asked and she is fine with mentioning by name. It is the very nice, and outstanding, Sione Aeschliman. I purchased a package from her after #revpit she offered an overview critique of KINGDOM’s first 50 pages, 5 pages from the “darkest” moment, the last 2 pages, and my query letter. It is, granted, a high-level pass, but I’m looking at is a sort of paid beta read and preparation of my query package.

It’s interesting getting this package ready. Though this analogy is not fair to the professionalism Sione exhibits, nor her talent, it’s kind of like when you hire someone to clean your house then spend all weekend cleaning your house before they come. I am scrambling to do edits to all that I’m about to send her. The first 50 pages, coincidentally, encompass Part I (also Act I), so it feels important to get that as complete as possible for her. I’m being obsessive about it, though. I want it spotless, spic and span before she sees and offers her tidying herself.

It’s kind of crazy.

Anyway, I deliver this package to her on Monday, so will spend the weekend do my own tidying in preparation.


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