Day 125: May 4, 2017

Two chapters done today and the book is into the stretch run. I have been pleasantly surprised all week how the editing has gone. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve done a lot fo bouncing around too, tidying up chapter names, doing some global touch-ups (like changing “devil-grass” to “talon-grass”, for two reasons: one, I’ve been rereading Stephen King’s, The Gunslinger, and he uses devil-grass; and two, this world would have no concept of the devil), and also oddball other things like query letters and twitter pitches.

In today’s work, though, I did ramp up word count again. Not too much, but pushed past the edits I did yesterday. In rereading earlier sections, partly for enjoyment and partly to get an idea for the next revision cycle, I see ample opportunity to cut. 10,000 words worth? I don’t know.

I am largely satisfied with this first revision. The book’s first draft, like all first drafts, was messy and rambling, but the plot was solid, with the usual largish holes to fill. I’m generally a pantser, if going by some loose outline in my head. It all came together pretty well I think.

Words written today: 518
Total for 2017: 49,595

Revision today: 2 chapters
Revision total: 64 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 120,828 (+11,976 since first draft)


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