Day 124: May 3, 2017

Even this Aubrey chapter went fairly smooth today. It was more an emotional chapter than an explanation one, so that helped. There was a tricky part that I originally wrote quite a bit about some back exposition that in rereading I found unnecessary. I made notes to deal with later if I think still needed. I’m not sure I will.

Funny how things can wax and wane in importance when you’re writing. I remember writing this chapter/sequence originally, and how crucial it seemed these details seemed. Now I cut all of it out, and I doubt it will impact the story at all. I could be wrong, which I will check with beta readers, but I’m almost certain there is nothing critical lost.

Dropped a few hundred in word count with all that. I really need to keep final word count under 120,000 and likely push closer to 110,000.

Words written today: -212
Total for 2017: 49,077

Revision today: 1 chapters
Revision total: 62 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 120,310 (+11,458 since first draft)


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