Day 115: April 24, 2017

Pghght. I went back to the first couple of chapters again and tweaked. I keep fighting that urge, but it’s a losing battle. We struggling authors, in the fight to get that first notice, think the first sentence, first paragraph, first chapter, first fifty pages have to be perfect, so keep going back to the well. It’s an addiction. It is also a high that never gets satisfied.

Call the OCD of unknown authors. The constant hand washing metaphor laid atop revision. I wish I could stop, but I obsess over it. I can almost recite the entire first chapter word for word driving in my car. It’s obscene.

So no real progress and negative word count (thank god for that).

Words written today: -29
Total for 2017: 47,825

Revision today: 0 chapters
Revision total: 56 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 119,058 (+10,418 since first draft)


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