Day 111: April 20, 2017

I messed around with the two opening chapters (again), rearranged the chapters and Parts (again), rewrote my query letter (again), and signed a contract for some pro edit work. I won’t mention the editor’s name just yet, I want to make sure and get her permission. I’m sure she’d be fine with it, but who know, people can be funny.

I’m only going to get to the first 50 pages, the “darkest moment” 5 pages (whatever the fuck that means), and the last 2 pages. For the darkest moment, I mean, I know the crisis of the global story, it sticks out like a wine stain on a white shirt in Act 2, as it should. It just seems a little funny that way it’s packaged. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally happy to be working with this editor and to get this edit done. My snarky comments are not directed at her service. Simply the wording of it made me laugh on the inside. So, chuckle, chuckle.

Long story short, I was distracted by many things. Important things in the long run, but they were not actually revising the fucking book itself, or not revising the chapters of the book that were officially next up for revising. Also, an important note, since the pro edit will revise the last 2 pages, I’d like to actually write a fucking decent ending before I send off to her mid-May. Because I just read the ending today and it is godawful. I must have had some pent up sexual frustration when I wrote it because it’s basically an orgy scene that makes Caligula look like a Disney romp.

So, I’d like to figure out what the ending of the book is before I get said pro edit done. She’s also going to do an edit on my query letter, hence all the sudden focus on my query letter. I’ll probably post that fucker here too at some point, either before or after her edit, or maybe both. Whatever, for posterity’s sake.

Two more chapters done today though, and these chapters were complete shit. Aubrey’s had to be completely rewritten. The dialogue was terrible and the scenes had no movement at all. There was a decent action setup, but that was it. Same with Daron’s, though the action sequence carried his a bit more, so less of a rewrite. Sometimes the sentences seem like pig slop, I swear. I get that some of the greatest writers didn’t do a lot of fancy shenanigans with their sentences, but still…when your mind feels like mush, you get the feeling your sentences all look like:

Noun preposition article adjective noun verb conjunction verb adverb, conjunction article noun verb preposition article noun.

Sentence machine! Fucking bullshit.

Words written today: 290
Total for 2017: 47,854

Revision today: 2 chapter
Revision total: 56 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 119,087 (+10,447 since first draft)


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