Day 108: April 17, 2017

So, this is what you might call (phony) foreshadowing. Because I keep falling behind on these posts, I end up writing them days after the fact. That means I have a fair amount of prognostication going on. Here it is: this week is going to be a mess. Distraction, renaming chapters, shuffling around Parts of the book, writing the query letter, hiring a pro editor, kerfuffling myself all about. Still, I will get some revision done. By the end, I will have gone through a serious bout of uncertainty in this book. Act 3 is a fucking mess in parts.

I keep telling myself, “All writers complete shit in the first draft, that’s why we revise.” I mean I get that. But some of this crap…ugh. Anyway, as the week goes on, it gets better. One sequence is, in fact, if I say so myself, brilliant. I mean the writing itself, the sentence variation, blah blah, needed work, but the actual scene came out of the fucking ether. I don’t even remember writing it the first time.

Now that’s writing.

As for today, I got through one chapter, a sort of easy action oriented one involving Daron. It begins to wrap a long sequence for him, though the actual climax to it will be much harder. For maybe the first time, I have a negative word count too (not by much)! I do think I’ll  have to cut this fucker down to at least 110k when it’s all said and done. Oh well.

Words written today: -57
Total for 2017: 46,962

Revision today: 1 chapter
Revision total: 51 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 118,195 (+9,555)



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