Day 103: April 12, 2017

Clackity clack. Two more chapters. This completes part 5. (What is part five 5 now anyway. That’s all about to change next week.).

As well as the upcoming change to the parts of the book, I’ve been going back and renaming the chapters too. I’m not sure I like the new names either, but it’s progress. This is all the type of shit we mess with until the book is out to the world.

“Should I call this chapter ‘Shelby by the Sea’ or ‘Aubrey’s Decision’. Because everyone remembers the name of chapter 4 of their favorite book, right? So, I’ll fiddle with chapter names a little more, maybe, and then stop that nonsense.

Word count creeps up still. I’m going to blow past 120,000 words and have to edit back down to 110,000. Maybe I can get away with 120k wc. It will be such a fancy and awesome manuscript, agents won’t care if it blows over the normal word count standards. Right? Can I get an ‘all right’?

Words written today: 400
Total for 2017: 47,019

Revision today: 2 chapters
Revision total: 50 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 118,252 (+9,612)


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