Day 101: April 10, 2017

One more chapter down. This was slow going, and I think parts of it are a mess. I’m likely going to revisit it tomorrow.

Still it is much improved. I think I’ll be finished with part 6 by the end of the week. I might actually have a first revision complete by the end of the month. That’s behind schedule, but it’s coming along. The hardest revision is still to come, and by that I mean the third act, but the work so far has made it much improved.

I am seeing much clearer character arcs for both Daron and Aubrey. I’ve also started to go back in Scrivener and use the Synopsis/Summary feature to compile that for querying shit if needed. Because writing summaries is no fun.

Anyway, writing update below. I’d really like to get this cleaned up and ready for querying by July and begin working on the next manuscript by August. I’m hoping for an end of the year word count near 200,000. Which means a rough draft of the second book by December too.

Oh, and I’m getting the strong vibe from peoples that I’m going to have to cut this book down to at least 110,000. Fuck, I don’t want to do that. Wah, we’ll see. I’m likely going to work with a professional editor or two on at least high-level edits.

Words written today: 735
Total for 2017: 46,017

Revision today: 1 chapters
Revision total: 46 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 117,250 (+8,610)


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