Day 93: March 2, 2017

Conference work.

But I was talking with someone today about the book. It came up how a lot of Manga has incest, at times between twins. I knew this, too, not sure how I’ve forgotten. This is no major development, but makes me feel better.

See, recently I had a reader, or more specifically an editor, someone I would have paid for manuscript help, turn me down because the content was too extreme and the incest “taboo”. That’s fine, to each their own, but something about it made me feel like some freakish deviant for writing such material. 

Long story short, it’s been bothering me. So, when I was talking with my friend and this thing about Manga came up, I had a rush of feelgoodedness. I shouldn’t have put myself down in the first place, but oh well. 

So, something good in the midst of this long, wearing conference. 


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