Day 88: March 28, 2017

Good news and bad news. Good news first!

I saved a terribly written scene. I don’t know what I was doing in the original draft, but writing well was not one of the things I was doing. A child distracted by two cats fighting while fingerpainting with his dominant hand could have written better. Fortunately, there was enough there for me to salvage a through line, figure out what maybe I had intended, and in the end write, I think, a great scene.

Daron, instead of discovering this great betrayal of the woman he travels with, uncovers an act of uncommon sacrifice. I won’t get into how it transforms their relationship but will say that it monumentally shifts what I had written before.

Great, right?

Now the bad news.

I kept thinking as I wrote how confused I was by the chapter. The dialogue referenced places and events that seemed so out of whack from the chapters I had just finished revising. I kept flipping back in Scrivener, becoming convinced that I had somehow deleted chapters when I purged Part 5, the shitty 5,000-word chunk of shitty exposition that was unnecessarily shitty. The newly revised chapter was finished, pristine, wonderful even, but my mind raced.

Oh. I had skipped over an entire part of the book because when I purged Part 5 and renumbered, I had renumbered them wrong. So this new chapter was a lovely revision, but I had done it out of order. I skipped back ten chapters, to where I was supposed to be, and realized why I was so confused: I hadn’t actually gotten to all the things I referenced.

Not that big a deal, except I had just majorly changed things I will have to change again because I remembered why I had written them that way in the first place.

Always revise in order otherwise you bounce around your book like a jack-ass chasing plot holes like Alice. Sigh, I think it will still mostly hold up when I get to that chapter again. There is a poetic justice to the woman’s sacrifice now. Let’s see if it makes sense after all the shenanigans that happen in these next ten chapters. (smacks self in head)

Words written today: 438
Total for 2017: 43,994

Revision today: 1 chapters
Revision total: 34 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 115,227 (+6,587)


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