Day 87: March 27, 2017

It isn’t all worthless bunk! Good progress today. Finished two more chapters, closing out Part 4, which has been tough work. It’s not that there isn’t good story here because I found the through line(s) engaging. The writing was atrocious at times, though. Character development was all over the place, especially for Aubrey.

I think my blog posts are likely repeating the same things over and over. They will likely be interesting, or boring, to read through once done. Maybe informative. I’d like to think they of them as reference notes in a way.

Today’s main revisions saw evolution between Daron and the woman he travels with. I shifted it slightly from its original version and made it, I think, stronger. What was before a relationship based on a betrayal is now one ultimately based on sacrifice. It is something that the overall needs. My MCs, I have discovered, are really just sort of amoral young people. Not bad people, simply adrift, young, unbound by traditional morality. The idea of sacrifice is more held to personal gain (like revenge) than to personal loss. Other characters must demonstrate that to them.

This whole idea is a recent discovery about the MCs and the book. It was there all along, their selfishness really, even if they meant well. My subconscious has toyed with it the whole time. Now though I can draw it, if slowly.

So plowing through. Now half through the book.

Words written today: 687
Total for 2017: 44,253

Revision today: 2 chapters
Revision total: 35 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 114,789 (+6,836)


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