Day 83: March 23, 2017

So two chapters today it is then. I had forgotten how brutal this part of the story became. I mean, I remember what happened, but the writing — just damn. I veer into horror fairly easily. Some of my anime roots seeping through.

Today’s first chapter was a Daron chapter, and he took a vicious turn in his story. It required some rewrites to better get into his reaction to it. Still not sure it totally worked, I’ll have to look at again with a third read through. But it’s much improved.

The second was an Aubrey chapter. (Not sure why I’m specifying, because it’s always a Daron and then an Aubrey chapter. My mind is much from “real” work stuff. Argh.) She is going through her metamorphosis. But, that’s kind of the point: their stories mirror each other, at least symbolically. Is Aubrey becoming a monster? Hmm, the eye of the beholder and all that…

Don’t have much more to say beyond that. Feeling groovier today.

Words written today: 342
Total for 2017: 43,566

Revision today: 2 chapters
Revision total: 33 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 114,102 (+6,149)


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