Day 80: March 20, 2017

I had big plans today. Big plans! But, alas, the revision work was difficult.

I finished two chapters. I can’t say exactly what the problems were, I simply wasn’t satisfied with how the scenes were evolving. In Daron’s, an important shift happened that would affect his journey for the rest of the story. It is a metamorphosis really or in these chapters the lead up to it. An interaction with two other characters seemed lacking too, so I had to rewrite a good bit of that. It proved to be draining work.

Aubrey’s parts here were more straightforward, but it is a complicated scene with many people. Not a lot of important characters, more that there are a many moving parts to it. People, action, attacks, movement, sound, all twisting around each other at the same time. In this chapter, I think it was more the sentence dynamics and grammar/writing cleanup that took time.

So, more tomorrow. I’m getting into the part of the book that I suspect will be more complicated to revise. The writing will likely be spottier and I know of some glaring plot and development issues I have to address. But I’ve been scribbling down good notes, and have some thematic ideas swirling in my head, so I’m prepared. Honestly, I’m excited.

Words written today: 2,495
Total for 2017: 43,070

Revision today: 5 chapters
Revision total: 35 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 113,606 (+5,599)


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