Day 79: March 19, 2017

Our family is still in town today, so no writing. I pondered at times today about the theme of the book. That’s generally not a great idea for me. I need to be more concerned about story. But I have been thinking more and more about religion lately and, in this case, it’s warranted, I guess. The book is called KINGDOM, as in the kingdom of heaven. It is about killing god, in a way, and about how we come to define god and religion.

But those are the “big ideas” that kicked off the story. The characters and the telling of the story are more important because no one wants to hear about my fucking “big ideas”, at least not at this point. Still, where Aubrey ends up and what she ends up knowing should be informed by what I want to say, right? Otherwise, it’s pulp nonsense. Actually, that’s unfair. Lots of writers tell good stories that don’t have to drill in on some righteous idea.

I do this in every book I write, end up dwelling on some “important” idea. I suppose if I were an established writer, I could say, “well, I’m successful and, of course, it’s what I should be doing.” But I’m not, so maybe I should be writing pulp nonsense. Becoming established first and then doing artistic work, that’s the right order of things.

I don’t know. Some bullshit to ponder tomorrow, when I can write.


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