Day 75: March 16, 207

I’m on a roll now. Part 4 does start a fairly action sequence in the book, for both Daron and Aubrey. I had forgotten, really, how much it picks up.

Today I got through not quite 4 chapters, in fact, I’ll say 3. Not too hard either, except for some sloppy grammar and poor sentence structure in one of them. Looks like it was a day where the words came from struggle. It’s funny how little we remember of the days we write. At some point, I’ll get to days where I wrote on this blog, though I doubt I could match them up.

Keep on trucking. I’m almost halfway through the manuscript.

Words written today: 1,796
Total for 2017: 40,575

Revision today: 3 chapters
Revision total: 33 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 111,111 (+3,104)


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