Day 74: March 15, 2017

I finally got to it. Dumped over 5,000 words, all of Part 4. It was shitty exposition, just like I thought. I’d go into it more, but that would be a shitty explanation of shitty exposition, and what would be the point of that?

I also got through seven chapters, which concluded part 3. Some of it was work I started yesterday, bits and pieces as I bounced around with things that referenced each other. I found that much of the heavy lifting I had being doing recently in terms of character rework paid off now. Motivations and nuance, still fresh in my head, led to easier rewrites as I worked through these chapters. Maybe, too, the writing here wasn’t as problematic. I can’t say why, really, other than maybe originally during first draft I was on a better roll. Who knows how the writer’s mind works?

All in all the work is feeling good. I will move ahead with Part 4 tomorrow, and that is where some hardcore action plotting starts to take place. We’ll see if the writing is as fast-paced as I remember. I hope so and that it largely needs minor editing, for Daron’s parts at least. I know full well that Aubrey’s story could well be a fucking mess.

On counts, I’m not going to subtract the 5,000 or so from totals. 1) because I wrote part 4 last year, and 2) because I still did a bunch of new writing. So, make of that what you will. I also think my day to day totals, if you go through each day’s posts through the year, won’t track, but again, make of that what you will. I didn’t major in math for a reason.

Words written today: 593
Total for 2017: 38,779

Revision today: 7 chapters
Revision total: 30 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 109,315 (+1,308)


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