Day 73: March 14, 2017

Two chapters today. It was a snow day, sort of. My work was closed, but my area only got rain and a smattering of snow that melted. I never got out of my pajamas.

It was another back and forth bit of editing. The first pass seemed a breeze. Successful scenes! Great character development. Then after some coffee and food, and pondering, and more pondering, I realized something about it sucked bad.

The theme here is the consistency of character. In a writing class I took once, the professor told us there are three elements in fiction: setting, character, and plot. The least important? Plot. And yet many, if not most, writers focus too much on plot, especially in early drafts. I thought he was nuts because we all, as readers, remember plot more than anything else, keep turning pages because of plot more than anything else.

But he was right. Plot is stupid. Any random events strung together can be plot. You might think he would have said then that character is most important. Wrong. He said place, or setting was. So, I don’t know if I believe that, though where you choose to set your story is more important than we realize.

Anyway, paying attention to your characters is most important, that’s what I’m getting at. It’s hard. We all get that. It is especially hard when you write part time, and you have a hundred other things that are important clawing at your brain for time, screaming like vagrants for money.

Words written today: 2,143
Total for 2017: 38,186

Revision today: 2 chapters
Revision total: 23 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 115,824 (+7,661)


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