Day 67: March 8, 2017

I did about five chapters today. That’s great. But reading back through the last few days they all kind of say this same thing. That’s boring and not great. 

So, something different. I had a Twitter friend/acquaintance ask me how this book started. Let me talk about that. 

Someone I know suffered a terrible tragedy, the kind that involved the murders of multiple people. I don’t much of the details and can’t say I have intimate knowledge of how it affected those involved. But it got me thinking about revenge and religion, as one of the things I did know was this family is religious. 

So my question became: who do we ultimately blame more and who do we ultimately want vengeance from? The human culprits, or god? While the men do the deeds, is their another power we believe pulls the strings?

That was the genesis. Like all stories it became about more than that. But the central idea is tragedy and how we respond to it. It’s important for me to remember that too as I revise. We either use anger and grief to drive our rage or feed our desire to run from it all. 

I’m tired and will give stats updates later. 


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