Day 66: March 7, 2017

Got three another three chapters of revision. Made some more substantial changes than I have been lately, but still nothing I would classify as problematic. The plot is progressing as pretty much I had hoped and the scenes are also working as about I had hoped.

I am finding little things, as usual, that ended up going nowhere. Mostly minor character motivations or plot points that I either never followed up or don’t make sense now. There’s some tidying up too, things that now prove to be tangential rather than colorful. I will likely finish with Part 2 tomorrow or about a quarter of the book.

I am finding that my word count for Daron is higher than I thought. Aubrey, in my mind, is the stronger MC. She dominates the emotional core of the book. Yet so far Daron’s story dominates the word count. I am going to have to make that a focus as I continue. I did a quick eyeballing of that in the upcoming sections and it continues about the same. I will have to slowly start to get that more in whack.

Words written today: 247
Total for 2017: 33,133

Revision today: 3 chapters
Revision total: 18 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 110,771 (+2,608)


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