Day 65: March 6, 2017

Three chapters revised today. Well, three chapters beta read today. There was little I changed. It’s actually a lot of fun to simply beta read your own work.

I’m not saying I’m a flawless writer or anything, only that this section came out about as I wanted. On a third reading I might find I’ve missed some things. But today I breezed through with only minor grammatical corrections and a few dialogue changes.

I do keep creeping up on the word count though. It’s the damndest thing. There are no grand new passages and, in fact, it seems to me I’m cutting quite a bit. There’s also the upcoming dismemberment of my book, which will slice off 10,000 words (or thereabouts). That should still leave me over 100,000.

I’ve also had a few beta readers reading opening chapters. And positive comments mostly so far! Special thanks to @JesseSmithBooks and @annhlynn on Twitter for their gracious reads and comments. Also to @TiyanaMW who will hopefully be reading soon and seems pretty cool. I’m starting on her WIP soon as well.

Words written today: 288
Total for 2017: 32,886

Revision today: 3 chapters
Revision total: 15 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 110,524 (+2,361)


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