Day 52: February 21, 2017

First things first. I did that revision of the opening and was happy with it. It became more about hurt than anger, at least I hope so. As I began to read through the opening chapters again, I found myself making subtle word choice changes too. 

It’s funny how when revising work, a different mindset will affect so much to do with tone. Words overlooked before spring from the page; scenes about one thing come to be about something else. 

At the end of day, after I left work and came to the farm, my step father passed quietly about 9pm. We had friends and family gathered, cried, some prayed, even had a toast in his memory. A hospice nurse come and made the official pronouncement. Around 1am, the funeral home came. My step brother walked his father out to the hearse and covered his head before they took him.

This was a good man, an honest man. I hope many of us can walk away with a better idea of how to be principled, loyal, and respectful. He will be missed. 


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