Day 44: February 13, 2017


I decided on my next project: THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL AND THE DOLLS. It’s a risk because it’s highly experimental. Oh well, it’s what I want to write.

It’s really two books intertwined together. The background is I’ve written about 10,000 words for each and have been pondering how, though they are so different, that they have the same crazy themes running throughout. So, I’m going to weave them together into a tapestry instead of do two separate books.

I am having a bout of bipolar issues right now too, so that is probably affecting my decision. And this project, like my life currently, will be some fucked up shit. In a nutshell, as a slug for the primary story, the book is about: a young, black, gay man named Lucky who goes back in time to make sure that Karen Carpenter becomes a world-changing jazz drummer. The other story, THE DOLLS, is about a guy who becomes a roadie for thirteen-year-old triplet girls who form a hardcore metal band called The Dolls. The intersection of those two stories gets a bit complicated.

Also, I did some revision on KINGDOM, about one and a half chapters. It was a productive day, though I stayed too late after work. I have to stop doing that and carve out other times to work on writing. My life is piling up with competing priorities.

Words written today: 900
Total for 2017: 32,140

Revision today: 1 chapters
Revision total: 8 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 108,163 (-103)


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