Day 39: February 8, 2017

A total distraction came up today. I got a tweet message about some writing contest. It’s the James Patterson “Master Class” thing. We writers are so desperate for a foot in the door. Sigh. I’m thinking of paying the $90 to take the master class itself and then submitting an entry for the “Co-Author Competition”. You can read about through the link if you want.

So, the man can crank out some fiction. I’m going to do it.

The first part is to create a two sentence hook to be supplied in the submission. The examples given are what you would expect: mystery or thriller in the vein of, yes, James Patterson. I tried to clear my mind of the speculative story tendencies I am drawn to so I could capture an essential, commercial potboiler hook! Ahem.

Here are what I came up with:

  1. When a naked young man emerges from the NYC sewers, Bellevue psychiatrist John Holland expects a routine, if sensational, case. But as the man shows signs of godlike power, John discovers he is the only one who can control him.
  2. Jolene Martin turned a YouTube video into a dizzying rise to stardom. But the family of killers she left behind will do anything to get her back.
  3. The one thing Killian Herman was told was never to kill someone you know. As he stands over his best friend’s body, he dreads having to call in the Master yet again.
  4. How many times can entomologist Deidra Norman come out retirement to help the FBI? When an extinct insect is found in a murdered lobbyist’s throat, she slips into old passions with alarming ease.
  5. Grizzled PI Carden McMillan promised his wife he’d taken his last job. But when a former IRA buddy staggers into his office with a bullet to the chest, old ties drag him back in.

Yeesh. My wife likes #2 the best. After thinking about it, that one is the simplest to digest. I’m going with that.

The second part of the submission is the first chapter of said potboiler. That means I spent my writing time today doing that. I managed to get a 2 chapters of review in too.

I swear writers are masochists, suffering away, alone and in the dark, cherishing each new punishment they inflict on themselves.

Words written today: 800
Total for 2017: 30,140

Revision today: 2 chapters
Revision total: 4 chapters
Total words for this manuscript: 108,077 (-190)


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