Day 37: February 6, 2017

Done! First draft is complete. I took a slight turn from the final scene I had expected to write, going more toward emotional closure than plot closure. I’ll see when I read back through it, but I think I gave enough exposition to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions, without being too vague.

I am ready for revision, but also have growing interest to start the next project. I am still deciding between my competing ideas for that. One is a whimsical, time travel yarn; the other a contemplative, magical realism drama. I have bits of both started, maybe 10,000 words each. I’m planning for a longer book this time too, upwards of 130,000 words, maybe 150,000. Depends on if KINGDOM gets any traction.

So, now revision. Sigh. I look forward to reading this story with fresh eyes soon, but am sad to leave it behind now. I’ll wait a week or so before doing that and just dive right in to the new one. I’ll commit to a decision on that tomorrow.

Words written today: 1,469
Total for this manuscript: 108,267
Total for 2017: 29,340


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