Day 32: February 1, 2017

Started the final chapter. I’m at that point I feel like I could tell this story forever. The characters are alive and fresh, even with some plot holes I know I need to address. I understand who they are and where they’ve been.

I’ll start revision next week. With that, I’ll change my pattern somewhat. I’ll spend time doing some revision on KINGDOM, and then begin writing the next book. I haven’t decided which it will be. Either (tentative titles) THE BOY WHO COULD FLY AND THE GIRL WHO NEVER GROWS OLD or LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL AND THE DOLLS. The first requires me to do some historical research; I’m not great at research when writing fiction. I tend to get lazy and just make it up. The second is more of an endeavor. It’s basically two books twisted together like rope. It might be too much experimentation, for me, an unknown writer, to attempt and expect any success from it.

I’ll ponder that next week. For revision, for this project, I’ll go by chapter count. Likely it will be something like two chapters a day. I’ll scale back writing goals for the next book to 500 a day.

I wrote a little over 1,500 words today. Feels good when I hit that daily goal! If I am on a roll and get to 1,000, I know I can steam ahead usually over 1,500, often well above that.

Words written today: 1,512
Total for this manuscript: 105,221
Total for 2017: 26,292


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