Day 27: January 27, 2017

No writing today. Have friends in town for the weekend, not that I write much on weekends anyway. 

I have been thinking about how to finish the last part of KINGDOM; fighting the urge to dump in a bunch of exposition and explanation is difficult. I feel like there are plot points that need explanation. I tell myself, “Fix it in revision.” That’s fine and all, but it still bugs me. 

Focusing on character is still winning out though. I am trying to keep focused on their emotional arcs right now. Plot issues can wait. 

Theme is causing the same problems. Every time I start writing, I feel I have to scream the important themes! The reader read this story…why? Here too, character comes first. I need days off like this to center myself, ponder the story, and bolster my confidence that I will address all this during editing. 

Working in the dark, with no expectation of anyone reading this, comes partnered with doubt. I will beat it. 


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