Day 25: January 25, 2017

So, not great. My exuberance yesterday at going down the rabbit hole on some messianic tangent? I read today. It was terrible. Poor writing, bad idea. I deleted the whole thing and started the chapter over.

That part I’m actually fine with. But it did a serious number on my mood. Once I started over, I only got about 900 words written. To be fair, I spent almost an hour in the #amediting hole before writing new material. My confidence is what took a severe blow. 

“How could you write such tripe?” I berated myself as I tried to backtrack and get moving again. The doubt that I battled last week returned, now with evidence to back its argument. I did manage to keep maybe twenty words from what I wrote yesterday. With that, I slogged ahead. 

With all the deleting and editing, my total word count only increased slightly. I’ll update tomorrow, hopefully, if I can make positive progress. 


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