Day 23: January 23, 2017

Almost done! I have a few more days of writing, I think, to finish the first draft of KINGDOM. I am struggling a little with how to tie up everything fully. Writing novels is sometimes an effort to untangle balled-up string, only to tie neatly again after.

Stephen King in his book on writing likened writing a story to an archaeologist unearthing an artifact. I find that analogy apt. There is always a story there and it always has an ending. As a writer, though, we must take care not to damage our find with forceful strokes. The ending we discover sometimes has flaws that we must mend.

In my case, there are some complicated, to me at least, ideas that I let run astray throughout the book. My instincts took me in certain directions, and I trust them, but now I must decipher what they were leading me to. I’ve managed to lay out each string neatly and begun to tie what I hope is a perfect knot to hold them together.

I realize I just totally mangled two different writing metaphors into one mess, but I’m in a hurry. Apologies. Plus I’m excited!

Including this past weekend’s writing, I finished chapters 40 and 41 and began chapter 42. Feeling like a good rush this week will finish it.

Words written today: 1,667
Total for this manuscript: 97,251
Total for 2017: 16,443


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