Day 18: January 18, 2017

Regular work. It is difficult sometimes to give the focus and effort on the thing that pays the bills. I enjoy my work too. But I love to write more. Like most writers at this stage of writing, I dream of making a living at it or even, should I say it out loud, being smashingly successful at it.

I get maybe, at most, two hours a day to grind up the engines and crank out upwards of 2,000 words. But the mental man-hours I invest, thinking about characters and plot and turns of phrase, come to much more than that. Time enough at last. Wasn’t that the name of the Burgess Meredith Twilight Zone episode? About the henpecked man who just wants to read books, survives a nuclear holocaust, finds a library full of said books and then breaks his glasses. “Time Enough at Last”. Oh, that Twilight Zone irony!

That’s my mood sometimes about writing. One day I will have enough time to focus on writing, have it be a living, but then something shitty will happen, and I’ll die soon after or find it’s not what I dreamt it to be. So I try not to let writing become an obsession. I’ve noted other rules in earlier posts. Another is this: don’t let writing become an obsession. Like all my rules, this one often gets broken.

I wrote over 1,300 words today, finished chapter 40 and also finished part 8. Part 9, an epilogue really, is the last part to complete the first draft. I think I might be done by the end of January, ahead of schedule, though the inauguration shenanigans will upend my work schedule, which will impede my writing schedule.

Words written today: 1,331
Total for this manuscript: 94,584
Total for 2017: 13,776


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