Day 17: January 17, 2017

Exposition. It’s one of those writing days that information and backstory need to be addressed. So, how do I deal with exposition, without using exposition? There is more commentary about this subject than I care to address or link to. This is how I am handling for this story.

For the most part, I’ve dropped in backstory throughout the book, with a major exception of one part of the book that is explicitly an element of backstory. I think it’s necessary. It tells a different story really, but one that is fundamental to this world. I don’t know, maybe it’s a mistake and a critical reader will advise me differently.

Regardless, as I near the end of the book, things have to be revealed! That’s how stories work. Personally, I hate for characters to provide exposition through dialogue; hate it as much as abstract things can be hated. I also hate to dump into my narrative. This novel, anyway, is told in first-person. So, that doesn’t leave much else.

I am going to rely mostly on dialogue. A first-person narrator revealing things they don’t know is impossible. Someone else has to do the revealing. I still loathe it though and am basically only providing just enough information for the reader to get what they need. Beyond that, some things will simply not be revealed. Nothing that takes away from the emotional core, but some details will be left either unknown or vague. Oh well, choices, choices.

I wrote 1,200 words today, or thereabouts. Including my Keep writing over the weekend, that’s 1,700 new words. I finished chapter 39 and started chapter 40. Word counts!

Words written today: 1,199 (+ 500 over weekend)
Total for this manuscript: 93,253
Total for 2017: 12,445

** Bonus picture today  – If you don’t use Scrivener, I highly recommend getting it. **



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