Day 15: January 15, 2017

First off, I renumbered this series. I started on January 2. Keeping track of the difference between series number and off-kilter date was annoying. So day 14 doesn’t exist. I’ll turn it into a riddle at some point.

I don’t write on Sundays. (Exception: I’m writing this, obviously.) Obsessing over the WIP every day is not healthy. Though it is impossible not to dwell on the story when driving alone or during other quiet moments, I try to refrain from writing anything down. I break that rule on occasion.

Instead, for today, I want to offer a confession: yesterday’s writing happened while I was drunk. This includes yesterday’s post. Not writing drunk is another rule I have, in large part because I have a drinking problem. I’ll get into that more at some point during the year. For now, I just want to apologize, both to myself (out loud) and to anyone who reads this. 

At the time I felt like F. Scott Fitzgerald, my brows arched high, sitting at a desk adorned with typewriter and surrounded by tipsy socialites.

“Darlings,” I would yell, “be galant! I am going to write! Ha HA!”

Yes, I actually feel that stupid and giddy in such moments. It is foolish and I don’t want to glamorize drinking problems. So, apologies. There is nothing more pathetic than an alcoholic who calls himself a writer. 

A full, actual writing update tomorrow. 


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