Day 10: January 11, 2017

(Published a day late. Aarrgh!) I was extra busy with real work today and had a family emergency late in the day. I feel so guilty, that self-imposed guilt that writers put on themselves, for not spending enough time putting words to paper. The words I did put down, though, were dense with detail. I had spent several days working through dialogue heavy scenes, so this one, which was action heavy, was a welcome change.

This scene finally achieved the confrontation founded in the opening paragraph of the book. Having this pause in writing it, broken over two days–started today and will be finished tomorrow–has allowed me more time to digest it. The weight of the characters’ choices here underlies the entire book.

There are things going on in my life that I know will bleed into the writing. That’s a good thing, especially at this point of the story. This is what writers need and is why they write. I had a writing teacher in college (many years ago) tell me, “I write that for the same reason I need a liver.” For all of us writers, filtering our psyche through the story is essential to our nature.

I started chapter 39, but barely touched on it. The lead up to the confrontation is done. Tomorrow will be all action sequence, with a lot of work to tie up one part of plot arc as well as theme. I’m struggling somewhat with how to best handle all of that, considering also the coming conflict for the other main protagonist. We shall see.

Words written today: 878
Total for this manuscript: 90,251
Total for 2017: 9,443


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