Day 9: January 10, 2017

Ample thoughts today. I came in thinking one thing about this section, about where it would start and where it would go. Then it went someplace completely different. I knew I would address where it ended up at some point, but the writing naturally made its way there right now. I’ll see how it looks in editing, but I enjoyed writing the tangent.

In other news, my mental state is firm today. No lingering anxiety about all of life in general or about specific stressors. I’m not 100% sure that’s good, as I may just be tossing all my “bad” thoughts aside–a persistent coping mechanism of mine–and going through the day as a kind of sociopath, not caring about anyone or anything. It’s honestly hard to tell sometimes. I laughed at things. I suppose that’s a good sign. Having no defined standard for “normal” makes life difficult.

In writing, words spun their little magic. It took me about thirty minutes to write 300 words, then another thirty to write almost 1,000. Happy accidents! I may be edging closer to resolution faster than I intended, but I still think another 10,000 pages at least is needed to wrap things up. I finished chapter 38 and will start chapter 39 tomorrow.

Words written today: 1,205
Total for this manuscript: 89,373
Total for 2017: 8,565


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